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How to Check the Quality of the iPad Case?

Are you one of those people who have a new iPad in their hands? After you’ve purchased a new unit, it’s time that you also consider the protection of your iPad.Evaluating which is the best iPad ca
ipad cases wholesale

What Material’s Tablet Case Is Better For Heat Dissipation?

If there is one issue that is common to a lot of popular gadgets, it is the heat. Almost all gadgets that are popularly used, ranging from smart phones to tablets, generate a great amount of heat.
ipad cases wholesale

Common iPad Keyboard Problems and Solutions

If there is one product that has caught the attention of tech experts, it is the iPad. Designed by apple, the product took the tech world by storm, upon being first announced by Apple.  

How to stick the tempered film

We live in a world of technology. Ever since the rise of the digital revolution, technology has become almost indispensable in our lives.   This is something which is true whether you’

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of tablet cover with different materials?

Tablet covers are some of the most important accessories around. Used for protecting tablets from the elements and more, they are one of the hottest commodities around.   With the rise o

Maintenance Method of Tablet Cases

Tablets are one of the hottest commodities around, with new models and even brands making their way to the market. And with them come the cases for keeping them in perfect working condition. As


Today, more and more classrooms are adding technology to help the environment by going paperless and to help streamline assignments and work in one place. Many teachers provide lessons and notes on
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Which Shell Is Good For The Tablet Case, Soft Shell or Hard Shell?

Friends who like soft shells will think why there is a hard shell? Of course, friends who like hard shells will have the same questions. So, should the tablet case be chosen to use a soft shell or a

How to clean your tablet and tablet case

The main function of the tablet case is to protect the tablet, and secondly it is beautiful. However, if the tablet and tablet case are dirty, how should it be cleaned up? We will provide solutions an
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What should I pay attention to when buying a tablet cases?

Purchasing a tablet is an investment, but so is purchasing the case for the tablet. There are so many things to choose from when looking for tablet cases. Continue reading this article to learn a few